Things to Keep in Mind When You Undergo Acting Auditions

Getting noticed in acting auditions is one of the most popular concerns for aspiring actors. According to, it can be quite difficult to come up with ways to stand out during your audition day.

Standing in front of people, acting out monologues or scenes and performing other talents are also among other things that most actors who want to break into the limelight dread. They also question themselves why they do not get accepted during their seemingly never-ending tryouts for different acting roles.

If you are among these actors who are weighed down with these overwhelming concerns and you feel that you are lacking that certain edge over your competition, think about these three important reminders:

  1. Speak your lines right.

Every audition differs from each other. It may be because of the acting niche, the casting director or the situation that is presented to you. Regardless of how different they may be, the most vital thing you need to remember is that you will be expected to be ready at all times.

Speak your lines clearly just like what you have practiced for countless times. However, never ever consider your auditions as practice. You need to do your best to ensure that every line is audible. Some auditions require interaction.

Casting directors, casting staff or someone from the crew may read the script intended for the partner’s part with you. Do not make a big deal out of this. Just concentrate on delivering your lines with the right kind of emotions. Know more about acting tips in order for you to make casting directors pleased to see your audition.

  1. Be conscious about your manners

Never smoke or chew gum. Smoking should be done in the smoking area, so know where the place is located if you have to smoke. Chewing gums is a big NO-NO especially during the actual audition. It is best that you avoid these gums once you are inside the audition venue.

Do not pick a fight with other auditionees. You will have plenty of time to interact with your contenders particularly during open castings. Never use this time to bicker or start a fight. You should take care not to loiter around the audition place. Instead, use your time to practice or do some breathing exercises to stay calm.

Go to a corner away from other auditionees who are expected to strike a conversation with you. Some of the competitors just want you to get distracted. A few just want to inflict their nervousness on you. Before any of these people could consciously or unconsciously try to bring you down, do your best to avoid talking to them until the end of your audition process.

  1. Make your exit memorable

Once you are through with your audition, don’t forget to express your thanks before leaving the audition premises. Imprint your courteousness in their minds before you leave. Then, sign out on the same sheet where you signed in. This will notify that you have auditioned or else received a call-back from the company.

As soon as you are done, congratulate yourself for trying hard on doing the audition. The next thing you must do is to wait for the casting to be finalized. Most casting auditions will not tell you whether or not you got the part. You will be contacted for callbacks or to be informed you got the part by the casting staff. There are others though where you will be told automatically by the casting directors.

If by chance you are asked to wait for a callback, never ask or contact the casting director for the result. This is another NO-NO. Just assess yourself on whether or not you were worthy of the role that you were trying to fill out. Then, wait patiently for the call.

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Taking Responsibility for The Audition Starts Now – Kids Act LA

Auditioning is a crucial skill, not just an essential part of acting; it’s a separate skill that can be developed in many acting classes. Working actors know that gaining experience is critical, and that won’t happen if you tend not to audition well. Acting classes might be the place to build strong auditioning skills, but it doesn’t hurt to work on this independently as well. Landing a role is luck and timing but, none of that matters if you’re not prepared when the opportunity comes. Acting classes at Kids Act LA teach Meisner acting offer foundational skills that can be developed over time. And, Meisner acting techniques can be used to improve your auditions as well.


There are one or two ways that are common reasons actors “fail” to turn in arresting auditions. One way to be discounted is to appear overconfident. At the same time you cannot allow yourself to be overly nervous or insecure, unless the role calls for it. Directors and producers are used to seeing overly confident or insecure actors and this is not what will count against you. The real problem is when you are nervous, and you attempt to hide it, an attempt which in turn makes you wonder if you are showing it, and before long you are completely shut down emotionally.


Being “closed off” or self aware is a very bad acting habit, and one that threatens to get in the way of a great audition as well. In essence, “you” and whatever you are feeling needs to disappear, and make way for a fascinating, exciting character to emerge. The many layers of human traits, communicated in a thousand smalls ways is what must shine through, how you feel personally can’t inhibit this.


The slate may not seem important. As many of you know, the slate is when you state your name into the camera so the auditors can keep track of everyone they’ve seen. What may seem to have little importance, in fact may be the very thing that keeps you from being seen. The bad news is this. Not all casting directors, producers or directors watch all the tapes past the slate. For any given part there are likely hundreds of folks auditioning. They are on the lookout for the best of the best and a so-so slate will indicate that your tape is not worth their while. A quick dismissal of an actor’s tape because of a lacklustre slate gets them to their goal more quickly.


This is challenging for the actor, but challenging is what spurs growth. Whether it seems fair or not, the fact remains you had better learn how to slate well. While some acting classes deal with auditioning, many don’t. A good resource for learning about slates is often acting classes. Slating on an audition tape is sometimes required to enroll in acting classes. Slating is a skill like any other, it has to be practiced. Have a friend set up a camera, some lights and give it a go. Some things to think about if you do practice slates. True communication is connecting with someone even if through a device, like a camera. Record and play back several versions of the slate and see how it plays. Find people you trust to watch the slate and give you feedback.


Keeping it simple is the best route, let you personality be upfront, and be quick. This is their first impression of you as an actor but the real deal should be saved for the audition. It won’t hurt in commercial auditions to put a hint of the character in your slate but avoid going over the top. You will have to assume what they are looking for in a character and you may not be right. Mainly, the aim is to give a slate that represents you as a person and as an actor. Then give them something they want to see more of: a brilliant and original character. Seek out Meisner acting classes at Kids Act LA if you want to know more about how to create character with this technique.


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