Acting Lessons for Your Child

Acting lessons are popular with children and parents for two main reasons. If your child already has an interest in acting and would like the opportunity to perform, acting lessons is a natural home for them. Enroll your child with Kids Act LA Acting Classes and let them learn Acting, Voice and Speech, Movement, Camera Technique and much more. Acting lessons also attract more reserved children who may need a boost to their confidence. Whether your child has a theatrical flair deserving of the stage or you want her to come out of her shell, drama classes have benefits galore for kids of all ages. A child’s interest in taking acting classes should be the first signal.

Commercial Acting Classes

However, one might encourage a child who lacks a bit of confidence to try out drama classes in a safe and non-performance setting. If the child however does not wish to take drama classes or participate in plays, there is no point in forcing the issue. While many parents fear participation in drama will damage their child’s academic progress, studies have concluded that students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better standardized test scores. Learning memorization and fluency skills in drama/acting classes can naturally transfer over to other aspects of the child’s life.


If you are considering to sign-up your child for a drama class, there are a variety of places to choose from. From learning the basics at a local community center class to taking a more intensive workshop-style program at a professional theater company or school, an array of ways exist that children can be dramatic. One should look for instructors who express patience and truly enjoy the teaching process, especially when a child is taking introductory drama classes. The goal is to foster continued interest and for the child to have fun. If a child is finding school difficult from a social point of view, our teachers at Kids Act LA often recommend drama groups as a good way to boost their confidence. Whether your child joins a drama group in order to perform or to gain confidence they should have a lot of fun. They should also make a lot of new friends with a shared interest.


Children who have a true interest in the theater or are ready to pursue a more serious dramatic role may enjoy classes at a theater company or professional theater group. These classes provide kids with the chance to study drama in an intensive way while working with professionals in a real theatrical environment. Some drama groups will take on children almost as soon as they can walk and talk. It is more common for children to start from around school age, so from four to five years of age.In most cases there are no upper limits. This means if you have a child who is older and would like to give lessons a go it should be easy enough to find a suitable group locally.


Not everyone wants to be the star of the show. There are many ways for children to participate even if they’re afraid of the spotlight, a face in the crowd or a voice in chorus which gives the child stage time without the pressure. For older child who would like to be involved, but do not want to perform there can be options for getting involved behind the scenes. These can include anything from stage management, to looking after younger cast members to working the lights. Some drama groups also give older children the opportunity to get involved in activities such as writing and direction. There is plenty of variety on offer when it comes to the type of drama lessons that will be the perfect fit for your child. Shop around a bit and see which ones tick most of your boxes. Most groups will let you sit in on a session or give your child a free taster session.

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