Child Development Stages: Kids Act LA

There are many different types of child development stages that a child will go through. While most child development stages are noticeable some are not. It is important to know what child development stages you should expect your child to go through. Doctors and other child health professionals use a chart that will predict when a child should develop certain skills.

If your child doesn’t develop a certain skill by a certain time, he or she may watch your child carefully and if after another couple of months your child doesn’t develop a certain developmental stage they may actually examine your child further to rule out conditions such as autism and other disorders that can affect a child reaching child development stages.

The first year of life is critical and your child will go through many stages before completing the first year. Within the first four months of life, your child will learn to recognize you, smile, laugh, cry, and begin making sounds in an attempt to communicate. Other milestones include rolling over, sitting up, and eventually crawling and walking.

Around the twelve month mark, your child will begin to form their first words which will develop as they grow. They will create their own word list and grow that list as they get older. Language and socialization is important during this stage in life.

Between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four months, you will notice that your child’s speech is very clear now and they are beginning to develop coordination and can jump without falling. He or she is also able to control their own movements more. You can begin toilet training your child during this stage.

During the ages of twenty-five to thirty-six months your child will have clear speech and learn how to perform daily tasks to take care of themselves. This includes brushing their teeth and more.

By age three, your child has developed their personality, can identify patterns, shapes, colors, and size, and can socialize well with others. There are other important milestones that help to complete their way of thinking so they can make decisions on their own. You can encourage this type of independence by allowing your child to choose their own outfit, shoes, or make other choices to help them become their own person.

The age of four is a critical time because this is when they must get ready for school. They should be able to count up to ten and be able to write their first name, know the real names of everyone in their family, and be working on their home address and telephone number.

At the age of five years old, a child will be ready for school, know the difference in yesterday, today, and tomorrow, will be able to pronounce over 13,000 words.

Again it is important to note that not every child reaches milestones at the same exact time. Every child is different and should be treated as such. When you compare your child’s progress to another, and most parents will do that, it is important to recognize what your baby is already able to do and encourage your child to keep going.

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